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Garage Door Maintenance

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Garage Door Maintenance in FloridaKeeping the Safety Sensors in Top Condition

These small rectangular devices prevent the overhead door from hitting objects, people and pets on its path during closing. They are installed around 4 to 6 inches above the floor. They require basic care, but it is impossible to go without it. It starts with inspection of both the photo eyes and the wiring. If the cables are greatly twisted or have cuts, they require immediate replacement. If the sensors’ casing is damaged and air and water can get in, they should be replaced too. The next step is cleaning. It is a fundamental part of garage door maintenance. Usually, it is sufficient to wipe the dust off the covers of the infrared units and the cases. If there is stubborn dirt, the use of a safe cleaner is essential.

Changing the Bottom Seal on Time

The weather seals protect both the door and the garage. The bottom one is the quickest to wear. If there is sunlight coming under the door, it should be changed. Similarly, if there are rays of light getting through the sides and top of the door, the other seals have to be replaced as well. The vinyl weather strips work well and do not wear out quickly. Their main advantage is that they are resistant to both UV and water damage. It is best if the bottom seal is attached with the use of aluminum retainer. The retainer makes replacement easier while providing even better protection to the bottom garage door panel.

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