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Big or small, problems with garage doors have to be solved as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can end up in even greater trouble. Learn more about the best solutions to common and unusual issues.Garage Door Repair Services

Torsion Spring Repair

The spring will work smoothly after applying lithium-based lubricant. When the door is hard to open or close, the cause is usually too little or too much tension in the spring. With accurate adjustment, the problem will be gone. When the spring is broken, it should be replaced right away.

Fixing Rare Opener Problems

No lights and silent motor? The problem might be with the wiring. The cables should be replaced for restoring the power supply to the motor. Less often, the circuit board is faulty and needs replacement. What if the door is opening by itself? This is most likely due to a short in the remote control. When the replacement remote is programmed correctly, the problem will be solved.

Cable off the Drum

The most common cause of this problem is broken torsion spring. The cable jumps and goes off the drum and around the shaft. The cable should be carefully handled and set back over the drum. Once the new spring is installed, the door will work smoothly. The other possible cause of the problem is a broken roller. When the component is replaced, the cable can be adjusted back into place. Unless the cable is frayed or having cuts, it won’t require replacement.

Replacing Rollers and Hinges

These small components play an important role in keeping the door together and enabling its opening and closing. At the same time, they are not safe from damage. Rollers with twisted stems and broken wheels and severely bent or broken hinges should be replaced as quickly as possible. It is important for the replacement parts to have the same size and design as the original ones. As long as the new parts are made from this galvanized steel, they should last long.

For dealing with all opener, spring and hardware issues, turn to us, at Garage Door Repair in Lake Magdalene. We fix and replace motors, remotes, panels and all metal parts that you can think of.

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